Visualize your performance in real time

Precision farming with a twist

Easily record of labor and productivity with OPUSWatch

Insights into labor costs and crop productivity are essential for the agricultural entrepreneur. OPUSWatch lets your employees collect valuable information in an instant.


Our smart wearables make it possible to register tasks in real-time and present them immediately.

Order information

We make it easy for your employees to complete orders and map the cost of delivery.


Let our smart algorithm count the picked flowers and easily link productivity to labor costs.

Wearables are the future

We believe in the limitless possibilities of wearables in the agricultural sector. Smart technology, intuitive to use and everything within reach: that's what OPUSWatch stands for. Be surprised by the versatile possibilities that our smartwatch application can offer you.

OPUSWatch is designed for everyone. Operate with a touch of the screen OPUSWatch and immediately experience the user-friendliness.

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Unique features OPUSWatch

Go beyond current knowledge and make data work for you.


OPUSWatch consists of a smartwatch, smart apps and cloud software. Only WiFi is required in the nursery. No cables, servers or terminals need to be set up.

Artificial intelligence

A specially developed algorithm makes the impossible possible: recognizing an individual (harvest) operation.


The use of cloud software and the unique properties of OPUSWatch make it possible to monitor production and operations in real-time.


Record geolocation-related information or receive your position in the nursery on your watch.

Onze toepassingen



Register tasks with OPUSEasy whenever and wherever you want you can. Quickly and easily record the tasks and orders you are working on, along with effectively recording and monitoring your pest control activities.

OPUSEasy is available as an application for OPUSWatch, but is also available on the tablet if desired as OPUSClock. So, whether you are on the road or want to record registrations at a fixed location, OPUS is always within reach.


OPUSSmart provides the most refined insight into production and labor. Our smart algorithm recognizes harvesting operations so that production output is automatically counted.

Handwritten counts and notes are now something of the past. You have accurate insight into production available in real-time.

Link your harvest to your stocks in real-time or make detailed cost calculations.


On OPUSClock employees enter information at a fixed location for registering their attendance (logging in/out) or registering tasks.


A central point where OPUSWatch is charged and stored safely. The wireless charger provides hasslefree charging without cables and plugs.


OPUSControl is the user-friendly dashboard for managing users, devices, locations and products. The dashboard also provides insights into real-time performance.

Gerbera’s insteken

Ons algoritme maakt het mogelijk om elke repeterende handeling te herkennen. Het gebruik van OpusWatch beperkt zich dus niet tot de oogst in de kas. Het insteken van Gerbera’s wordt met meer dan 95% precisie geregistreerd en afval wordt inzichtelijk.

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Happy users


Reinier Zuidgeest
Florein Gerbera’s

“I have been involved with OPUSWatch since it was launched, as I wanted more insights into our nursery operations. The strong point of OPUSWatch is that the watch records the physical user action. This happens in real-time so that we have immediate information about the harvested stock. That's where a large part of our profit lies.

What I also benefit from is that production is no longer visible per row, but per sq. meter because the watch keeps track of the picking per piece and links it to GPS. This gives us immediate insight into the challenging areas in the greenhouse."


Peter ten Have
J&P ten Have
De Lier

"Insight into the cost price of the product assortment is important to us. We had been looking for a system to register labor more easily for some time. Most systems were not flexible enough for us. I was already thinking that this would have to be done with a device on the wrist. No hassle, but immediately register what you are doing.

Then we met the OPUSWatch team and after a short pilot we decided to deploy OPUSEasy to both locations. Now we have a much better insight into the labor costs of the processing operation. We can examine all details and efficiently determine the sales price that we need to set."


Ed van Holstein
Holstein Flowers
De Lier

"We know Stefan from other innovation projects and when he came up with the idea of ​​the watch we were immediately very enthusiastic about what it can offer. Holstein Flowers has more than 145 varieties and with our own path recording system it is not possible to trace exactly how much labor was spent on which variety.

We use OPUSWatch not only for the harvest, but also for processing the Gerberas. We then not only have insight into the labor performance, but also how many bad flowers are thrown away. The watch has been specially trained to detect the waste that we throw away."

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Our Proof of Principle phase was made possible in part thanks to a grant from Hagelunie Innovation Fund.

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